PPGI Roofing Sheet

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Product Name
PPGI Roofing Sheet/ Prepainted Galvanized Corrugated Roof Sheet
Metal Base
DX51D, DX52D,SGCC, SGCH, Q195,Q235,Q345
762mm/680,670,660,655,650mm 9 waves
914mm/815,810,790,780mm 11 waves
1000mm/930 915,910,905,900,880,875mm 12 or 14 waves
or as client’s requirement
1.8 – 5meters or as client’s request
Zinc Coating
Color Series
RAL Color Number
Roofing Sheets, Structural Materials, Commercial Use, Industry.
Standard Export Package (Plastic film in the first layer,second layer is Kraft paper. Third layer is galvanized sheet)
Place of Origin

What is PPGI Roofing sheet?

PPGI roofing sheet is also called Prepainted Galvanized corrugated roof sheet, and is a kind of profiled steel sheet that is rolled forming from prepainted galvanized steel sheet and forms various wave patterns along the width of the sheet.
It is Durable,Easy to Customize,Fireproof

Galvanizing is an effective method of metal anti-corrosion.Galvanized Steel Coil is a steel coil coated with zinc on both sides. It forms a protective coating that isolates the metal from the surrounding environment. The zinc layer can prevent water, humidity and other elements in the air from corroding the steel.
It has two main processes: continuous hot dipped galvanizing and electrogalvanizing.
Hot dipped galvanizing is to immerse the rust-removed metal in the zinc liquid.The zinc layer is attached to the surface of the base material.Electrogalvanizing is also called cold galvanizing, which uses the principle of electrolysis to coat a thin layer of zinc on the surface of the base metal.

PrePainted Galvanised Steel Sheet is the steel material obtained by surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment) on the substrate, using roller coating method, coated with one or more layers of liquid coating, and then baked and cooled

Why choose PPGI Roofing Sheet

Galvanized Corrugated Roof Sheet is Durable,Easy to Customize,Fireproof  than Than other steel. 
Quite simply, galvanizing metal can make it resistant to corrosion.
Without a protective zinc coating, the metal will always be exposed to the elements and will be oxidized and corroded faster. In terms of preventing corrosion, galvanized steel is an economical and effective alternative to austenitic stainless steel, aluminum and other materials

PPGI Roofing Sheet
PPGI Roofing Sheet

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