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P20 mold steel is a kind of plastic mold steel with wide range of uses.

This steel has good machinability and mirror grinding performance

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Product name:din1.2311, 3Cr2Mo,P20 Mold Steel

Place of Origin:China


Packing:Standard Seaworthy Packing

Size: length:2250-2280mm, width:300-600mm, thickness:14-250mm,or Customized

Certificate:Mill Test Certificate

Surface Finish: Black, Clean

What is P20 Mold/Mould Steel ?

It is a kind of plastic mold steel with wide range of uses and is suitable for making plastic molds and die-casting mold materials for low melting point metals.It has good machinability and mirror grinding performance. 
This is usually sold in a pre-hardened condition.

P20 Mold Steel chemical composition and mechanical property:

Chemical Composition:

C   (%): 0.28-0.40
Si  (%): 0.20-0.80
Mn(%): 0.60-1.00
Cr  (%): 1.40-2.00
Mo(%): 0.30-0.55

Mechanical Property:

Hardness(Brinell): 285-330HB 
Hardness(Rockwell C): 28-35HRC
Tensile strength: 965-1030 MPa
Yield Strength: 827-862 MPa
Elongation at break (in 50 mm (2″)): 20.0% 

Grades Comparison:

ASTM A681: P20
DIN EN ISO 4957: din1.2311
GB/T 1299: 3Cr2Mo

P20 Mold/Mould Steel Features:

1. The steel is pure, suitable for plastic molds that require polishing or etching.
2. It is supplied in a pre-hardened state and can be directly used for mold processing without heat treatment, which shortens the construction period.
3. After forging and rolling, the structure is dense, ultrasonic inspection, no pores, no surface defects.
4. It has good machinability and mirror polishing performance.

P20 Mold/Mould Steel Plate or Bar Application

1. Thermoplastic injection molds, extrusion molds.
2. Thermoplastic blow mould.
3. The main components of the heavy-duty mold.
4. Cold structural parts.
5. Commonly used in the manufacture of TV shells, washing machines, refrigerator inner shells, buckets, etc.
6. Auto bumper mould

P20 Mold steel

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