NIJ IIIA Armor Plate

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NIJ IIIA Armor plate , can stop 9mm Para FMJ & .44 Magnum JHP7.

They are generally used with body armor or tactical vests

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Product name:Armor plate ,Ballistic plate,Bulletproof plate, Bullet proof plate

Place of Origin:China



Packing:Carton box

Size:150×205mm(6”×8”),250×300mm(10”×12”),275×350mm(11”×14”) or Customized

Certificate:Test report

Level:NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA,stop 9mm Para FMJ & .44 Magnum JHP


Shape:single curved,multi curved

Performance:STA, ICW

armor plate
armor plate

Why do we need Armor Plates?

Most body armor is made of multiple layers of aramid or polyethylene PE. Although this body armor is relatively light to wear, it can only stop 9mm and .44 caliber pistol bullets. Body armor is useless when facing a rifle. In order to be able to defend against higher-level threats, we need to use Bulletproof Plates.

What are Armor Plates?

Armor plate is also known as bulletproof plates,ballistic plates,ballistic resistant protective plates,bulletproof insert plate.The bulletproof plate is a kind of hard bulletproof material,They are generally used with body armor or tactical vests. As a soft material, the bulletproof vest plays the role of elastic interception and mitigation of impact in the process of defending bullets. The bulletproof plate, which is a hard material, is to face the impact of the bullet and reduce the impact energy of the bullet to the greatest extent. With the cooperation of the soft body armor, the bulletproof plate prevents the bullet from continuing to advance along the track, and finally gets stuck in the bulletproof plate, and then Protect the wearer from harm.There are two types of bulletproof plates: front plate and side plate. The front plate can protect the front chest and back of the human body, and the side plate provides protection for the side of the human body. Materials used to make bulletproof inserts plates can be roughly divided into three types: ballistic steel, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE), and ceramics. Now the most used amount is the ceramic bulletproof plates.

What is the working principle of ceramic armor plate?

The ceramic bulletproof insert is generally made of ceramic and UHMW-PE. Its principle is: when the bullet hits the bulletproof insert, the bullet first hits the uppermost ceramic layer, and the ceramic cracks when it hits the bullet with huge kinetic energy. , and will also transmit the huge impact energy of the impact point to the surroundings to absorb the huge kinetic energy of the bullet. When the bullet passes through the ceramic layer, it has lost most of its kinetic energy. When the bullet reaches the PE layer, the PE layer consumes the kinetic energy of the bullet by stretching and wraps the bullet and shrapnel. This process has little effect on the human body and plays a very good protective role.

The steel armor plates are made of high hardness armored steel. It is low in price and heavy in weight. It may have a “bullet bounce” phenomenon, which is easy to cause secondary damage to the bullet.The ceramic armor plates are cost-effective, light in weight, and has no “bullet bounce” phenomenon.

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