Molle Tactical Vest

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Product name:Molle Tactical Vest
Place of Origin:China
Advantage:in conjunction with armor plate
Packing:Carton box
Size:One size 
Fabric:Polyester 100D
Corlor:Black, tan, green .etc

What is Molle Tactical vest?

Molle Tactical vest is also called plate carrier vest. It refers to the equipment worn by some soldiers on the outside to increase the carrying capacity of various ammunition.They are generally used with armor plate.
They are MOLLE(Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment). It can be combined with existing weapons, ammunition and communication equipment, and the modules can be easily and freely replaced. It does not affect helmets, bulletproof vests, personal weapon use when worn and includes both hands and other standard individual actions, shooting, etc. Can be worn with existing surrounding clothing and requires extra size, including gloves. This vest can be put on and off while wearing all types of military gloves. The tactical vest can be easily assembled, donned, and adjusted to fit within 30 seconds without the assistance of others. The assembled vest requires minimal realignment and adjustment when worn repeatedly. It is suitable for combat operations of automobiles, aircraft, ships and combat vehicles.

Advantage of Molle Tactical vest

It can be used with the armor plate
Safe and comfort
Durable in use
Increase the amount of equipment you can carry
Light weight
Molle Tactical Vest
Molle Tactical Vest
Molle Vest

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