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Product name:Bulletproof Vest

Place of Origin:China



Packing:Carton box

Size:S M L XL

Fabric:Polyester cotton

Corlor:Black, WhiteAdjustable

bulletproof vest
ballistic vest
armor vest

What is Bulletproof vest?

Bulletproof vest is a kind of clothing used to protect the human body from damage caused by bullets. They are made up of vests and soft armor plates(bulletproof panels). The material of the vest is polyester, oxford or nylon. The material of the bulletproof plate is UHMW-PE or Kevlar (aramid).
Body armor can protect against pistol bullets, but to protect against rifle bullets or higher energy bullets, we need to put  hard armor plates on the vest,like ceramic or steel bulletproof plates

Advantage of Bulletproof Tshirt

This bulletproof T-shirt consists of two parts, Front and back bulletproof panels and a elastic T-shirt.the panel is made of UHMWPE(ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) which has stable performance, longer service life, waterproof and heatproof.It can be worn inside and more concealed.Elastic fabric makes it more convenient and comfortable to wear.
Warranty: The bulletproof panels are guaranteed a service life of 5 years from date of issue.

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