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GA Level 3,Level 4,Level 5,Level 6

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Product name:Steel Armor plate

Place of Origin:China



Material:bulletproof steel

Packing:Standard Seaworthy Packing

Size:150×205mm(6”×8”),250×300mm(10”×12”),275×350mm(11”×14”) or Customized

Certificate:Test report

Level:GA Level 3/4/5/6   NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA/III/IV     EN FB 4/5/6/7   STANAG Level 1/2/3

Shape:Single curved

What is Steel Armor Plate?

Steel Armor Plate is made of bulletproof steel plate.It is very high hardness bulletproof steel plate product that is available in thicknesses from 2mm to 300mm.Due to different applications or threat levels, the actual thickness required is different based on different bullets.It can stop multiple bullets strikes from multiple weapons,like AK47, M80, SS109, M193, etc.Various specifications are available according to customer requirements.

Chemical Composition:

C   (%)≤0.36 
P   (%)≤0.015 
S   (%)≤0.005
Si  (%)≤0.50

Mechanical Property:

Tensile Strength Rp0.2 (MPa)≥1700
Yield Strength Rm(MPa)≥1400
Elongation A(%) ≥6
Hardness(HBW): 530~590
Impact Strength Kv -40 ˚C (J):≥15

Delivery Condition:

Quenched + Tempered

Steel Armor  plate Application:

Steel armour plates are generally used with body armor or tactical vests. There are two types : front plate and side plate. The front plate can protect the front chest and back of the human body, and the side plate provides protection for the side of the human body.They can also be used as a soldier’s weight training

steel armor plate

How to buy Steel Armor Plate?

1.What protection level do I need?What type of ammunition (M2AP,AK47,M80,SS109, M193 ,etc)?
2.What weight can the steel be allowed to have? Is there a weight limit for the protected product?
3.What cost can I pay? Can I choose more expensive 550 Brinell or 600 Brinell type armour steel than 500 Brinell?
4.Waht size do I need?
5.How shall the steel be fabricated? We must consider Cutting, welding and bending of the material
6.Do I need goods in stock or customized goods?Is my order quantity big enough ? do I have time to buy customized products? do I need to buy from stock?which one saves money?

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