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Product name:steel shooting target

Place of Origin:China


Packing:Carton box

Size:Large 24*85*85cm Medium 24*74*74cm Small 24*63*63cm or Customized

Thickness:3/8″ or Customized



Processing:Laser cutting

Surface:Powder coating or unpainted

Usage:Shooting practicing


Target material

As a safety precaution, steel targets must be made out of hardened steel, which is more resistant to plastic deformation than regular, soft steel. For steel targets, the steel should have a Brinell value of 500 or slightly more. Hardened steel is available in different Brinell values or thicknesses, and stainless variants are also available. A common trademark for hardened steel is AR500. Regular steel is too soft, resulting in bullets either punching through the target or making a crater whereupon subsequent bullets may bounce back toward the shooter or spectators, often with great force. Even thick plates quickly get holes and craters if they are made of regular steel (10 mm or 3/8″).

steel target

Safe distance

Distances are different for rifles and pistols. For Pistols, you need to be 10 yards or more. For rifles, you need to be 100 yards or more depending on what caliber you are shooting. Rifle ammunition muzzle velocities are much higher than pistols and must be kept under 3,000 feet per second. For velocities over 3000fps MV use at 200 yards minimum.  As always, you should never shoot steel core, armor piercing, birdshot or buckshot at metal targets. Never shoot at deformed metal target. These are directives to keep you safe and get the most enjoyment from your targets.

steel target

Bullet choice

Lead core or frangible bullets are preferred, since they are pulverized upon high-velocity impact, and the dust will then be spread out to the sides of the target. However, bullets with hard cores (like steel, or “bi-metal”) are not pulverized and can either penetrate or ricochet, causing them to be potentially dangerous. Since lead isn’t magnetic, competition organizers may use a magnet to check for the presence of a ferromagnetic core. Copper jacketed bullets work fine with steel targets, provided that minimal distance guidelines are followed.

steel targets

How to extend the life of your target?

The best ways to extend the life of your target is to use lower calibers, thicker steel, and a longer shooting distance. As any of these factors decrease, so will the life ex-pectancy of the target


Do not use BB’s or Airsoft

Do not use armor piercing, steel core, or green tip ammo

Do not shot Warped or pocked targets at close distances.

Always wear proper eye protection and hearing protection.

Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction.

Always Use the correct ammunition for the gun and the target.

Always shoot steel targets from at least the recommended minimum shooting distances.

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