MS steel plate

MS steel plate is with good plasticity and toughness, easy to weld

A36  SS40  St37  S235  SM400

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Product name:MS steel plate,Carbon steel plate, Mild steel plate

Place of Origin:China

Material:Q235  A36  SM400  ST37  SS400  S235JR  S275



Packing:Standard Seaworthy Packing

Size:Width:1000-2000mm,Thickness:1-150mm or Customized

Technique:Hot Rolled Cold Rolled

Certificate:Mill Test Certificate

Processing Service:Bending,Welding,Decoiling,Cutting,PunchingS

What is MS Steel Plate/Sheet?

Ms steel plate/sheet is a kind of carbon steel plate. Due to its moderate carbon content, good overall performance, strength, plasticity and welding properties are well matched, it is one of the most widely used steel grades.

Chemical Composition:

C   (%)≤0.22
P   (%)≤0.045 
S   (%)≤0.050
Si  (%)≤0.35

Mechanical Property:

Tensile Strength  (MPa)≥370~500
Yield Strength      (MPa)≥235
Elongation(in 40mm)(%)≥26
Elongation(in 200mm)(%)≥21

Physical Property:

Density:7.85 g/cm3(0.284 lb/in3)

Ms steel plate/sheet Features:

1. It is medium and low strength steel. Its yield strength is 235Mpa, which is relatively low in steel materials.
2. It is carbon structural steel. It is mainly composed of iron and carbon.
3. It is the steel with good plasticity and toughness.
4. Its bending strength is not large, which belongs to the bendable steel.
5. It is easy to weld. It contains less harmful elements such as S, P and other elements, and it is not easy to produce components that can seriously affect the quality of the weld. At the same time, its C content is not high, and it is not easy to cause the occurrence of weld cracks due to the enrichment of C in the weld. 
6. It is easy to form
7. It belongs to corrosive steel, easy to rust
8. According to the fire resistance, it belongs to non-refractory steel

Ms steel plate/sheet Application:

1.Ms steel plate/sheet can be used for various mold handles and other unimportant mold parts.
2. It is used as the punch material, and it is used directly after quenching without tempering. The hardness is relatively strong, which solves the phenomenon of the punch chipping during use.
3. A large number of applications in construction and engineering structures. It is used to make steel bars or to build factory buildings, high-voltage power transmission towers, bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, ships, etc., and it is also used as a large number of mechanical parts with low performance requirements.

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