Precautions when using Galvalume Steel Coil steel coil

1.The Galvalume steel should be kept away from the alkaline medium.

2.The roof made out of the Galvalume steel requires a slope to help drainage and to alleviate corrosion.

3.The Galvalume steel plate should have no direct contact with foundation concrete, wet wood, steel, lead and graphite.

4.Use trimmed plate rather than the plate to be cut plate at job site.

5.While the steel plate is piled and processed, its fingerprint proof film should be protected from getting black due to dampness and high temperature.

6.If the Galvalume steel is used for foaming and bonding application, then, small-lot test is needed for the initial use, in order to prevent the poor bonding.

7.If the Galvalume steel need to be cleaned,we do not suggest to be cleaned with ethanol. If must to be used, small-lot is needed for the initial use, in order to prevent the damage of the coating.